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A few years back a plumber was only a plumber. You would call him to fix a clogged sink, a leaking shower or a broken pipe. These hassles still occur, but plumber Washington DC is much more than just the guy who unclogs your sewer.

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Backflow, clogged drains, pipe corrosion, slab leaks, frozen pipes, dripping faucets, noisy pipes, burst pipes - whatever the plumbing problem, the expert team of Plumber Washington DC provides affordable solutions that last the long run. From curing running water problems to pumping septic tanks, unclogging grease traps or repairing water meter faults - we offer a wide array of services, including but not limited to:

  • Repairing and replacing damaged pipes
  • Removing blockage from pipes and plumbing fixtures
  • Cleaning sewer and drainage systems
  • Installing or repairing plumbing fixtures
  • Installing bidets and Jacuzzis
  • Installing fire sprinklers that protect your home
  • Installing or replacing gas pipe lines and fixing gas leaks
  • Installation and repair of water heaters and garbage disposals
  • Water filter repair or replacement
  • Rooter services


The expert plumbers of Plumber Washington are professionals who take pride in their work and provide satisfaction for a job well done. Our professional plumbers examine and detect the problem, provide plumbing estimates, then repair, supply, replace, and install to fit your plumbing needs.

Common faults in residential and commercial plumbing systems that we check, test and fix:


Plumbing FixtureCommon Faults
ToiletRunning (noisy),
offensive odor
ShowerClogged showerhead, leakage, temperature fluctuation, weak water pressure
BathtubDrain blockage
Water heaters/boilersRusty pipes, Pipe's leakage and clogging


Plumbing FixtureCommon Faults
Sinkrusty pipes, offensive drain odor, clogged sink, Pipe's leakage and clogging, sink, stoppages
Faucetlimited water flow, poor water pressure
Tapsreduced water flow or temperature, fluctuations in lavatory and bathroom
Garbage disposalClogged drainpipe


Plumbing FixtureCommon Faults
Laundry roomWashing machine
Pipe system
Rusty pipes, Pipe's leakage and clogging, dampness or wetness
BasementSump PumpBasement flooding
Dampness or wetness
GardenSewer and drainage systemsClogged sewer/drain line
Root blockage of sewer/drain line
Offensive odor

Plumber Washington provides plumbing services to the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

Plumber Washington DC 24/7 serviceInside the city the plumbers are giving a full 24/7 service from Capitol hill to Loudoun with following zipcodes:
20007, 20008,20002, 20003, 20001, 20075, 20078, 20077, 20074, 20050, 20066, 20061, 20056, 20055, 20020, 20019, 20022, 20016, 20011, 20009, 20010, 20042, 20039, 20037, 20032, 20029, 20030, 20027, 20023, 20207, 20208, 20211, 20212, 20214, 20218, 20097, 20098, 20232, 20244, 20262, 20314, 20315, 20340, 20401, 20402, 20404, 20393,20395, 20390, 20392, 20394, 20375, 20380, 20441, 20444, 20422, 20426, 20428, 20435, 20540, 20541, 20542, 20543, 20546, 20532, 20536, 20538, 20557, 20559, 20554, 20565, 20573
Montgomery County is also in the plumbing service area of Plumber Washington DC.

Plumbing Washington DC additional service areasAdditional service areas:
Northern Virginia (NoVa) - Plumber Fairfax county, Plumber Loudoun County, Plumber Prince William County, Springfield, Arlington, Alexandria, Annandale
Maryland (MD)

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